The Quintessential Multi-Room Party Speaker

In spite of the condensed super cluster that is the headphone market, you might have seen quite a few heads wearing a pair of logo-less headphones in a variety of solid colors. If that image rings a bell, what you saw was likely a model and coloration of the ever-popular Urbanears line.

When people think of ‘high fidelity’, this affordable headphone brand doesn’t usually make anyone’s top ten list. Its colorful, cross model aesthetic on the other hand, is what makes Urbanears one of the most immediately recognizable brands out there. Thanks to a fashion-forward, minimalist design, and a calling for versatile vibrance; most people have caught a glimpse of someone sporting a pair of Urbanears on their daily commute. Popular models such as the Plattan series leave a lasting impression without a particularly discernible logo — thanks in part to their headphones being more of a modern fashion statement rather than just an accessory. In addition to offering a colorful line of headphones to match your outfit, Urbanears now also offers some fashion-forward home decor in the shape of their new cubic spearkers: the ‘Stammen’, and ‘Baggen’ models.


Following the release of the improved Plattan 2, it’s clear that Urbanears had intentionally upgraded their audio quality by a significant margin. The updated model of previous headphone lines like the Plattan was a clear stepping stone for an ambitious jump into the speaker market. With the ‘Stammen’ and ‘Baggen’ speakers, it seems Urbanears has finally reached that harmony of style and substance they seemed to be aiming for all along.


Sharing a common parent company in Zound Industries with the well renowned Marshall, the development of these Scandinavian-inspired speakers are a marriage proposal from aesthetic to audio. Both powerful speakers come encased in a striking, acoustically transparent fabric. The inspiration for the Stammen and Baggen’s design were old transistor radios, mostly the simplicity and cathartic feel of spinning them. In terms of hardware, the smaller 8.2 inch Stammen has two tweeters and a 4 inch subwoofer, while the larger 11.8 inch Baggen instead has two full-ranged tweeters, and a 5 inch subwoofer, making a distinction between precision and power.

As is the Urbanears standard — both speakers come available in a range of colors. Optimally they’re great for small to mid-sized spaces like: living rooms, bedrooms, galleries, and studio apartments. These speakers are also equipped with audio connectivity across the board. One of the aforementioned knobs controls all available connection types including: Bluetooth, Spotify, Apple Airplay, Chromecast, and yes, even your run-of-the-mill 3.5mm auxiliary cable. The former options allow for wireless multi-room listening, and can be connected with up to four other units at once for synchronized grooving. If the plan is to set them up in a gallery-like room, or small party space, you can play the same music in multiple rooms, or completely shift the vibe visually and tonally with a different color and beat. You can set up different music in various spaces, and control it all from the comfort of your phone. In single space use, you can also combine more than one speaker for a customized sound experience for a more stereo-like sound.


To put it plainly — this speaker compliments any space by looking nice, sounding nice, and being complimenting ones inner artist. with some wonderful fengshui. Its artistic merit garnered the attention of a particular New York museum as well, and it’s hard not to get why. With flair, the Stammen and Baggen promote creativity and harmony in the mind, and transitions outward to its surrounding space with good energy. Coupled with some uncommon ease of use, and connectivity, they’re a groovy addition to any bachelor pad, or art space, by complimenting them with some awesome, harmonious tunes — fengshui.



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