Zapata Racing: Going Skyward

Science fiction films of the past love depicting upbeat, vivid, and imaginative designs for modern technology. Concepts like Futurama-esque flying cars, and fantastic teleporters have stimulated young imagination on the big screen since the 50’s. Though we are still a far cry from the whimsical, and often gritty days of future past from films like Back To The Future, the Zapata Racing team are closing that not so dissonant gap. Originally gaining their claim to fame with a number of PWC racing titles, followed by the leading innovation of their hydro-propulsion technology, Zapata Racing® team took the world by storm with a viral video of their hydro propelled Flyboard®, gaining over 40 millions views on its demonstration.



But why stop there? Making those fantastic cinematic feets a bit less science-fiction, and a lot more science-plausible, their creative team gave birth to the aptly titled Flyboard® Air. The Flyboard® Air is newest product in potential human advancement, bringing us closer to a real life Ironman flight system than ever before. Zapata’s newest goal isn’t just to hover a few meters, but to touch the clouds. Last year the prototype for the jet powered Flyboard® Air utilized six engines, a logic board, and a backpack full of kerosene to break the world record for the farthest flight on a hoverboard. Piloted by the French jet ski champion Franky Zapata himself the tests for the Flyboard® Air haven’t passed 55 mph. Though it claims to allow users to ascend through the sky at an astounding height of 10,000 feet, and travel at 90mph (150km/h).



Now, his firm has been sold to Implant Science, a Department of Homeland Security supplier, making the product a little less Back To The Future and a little more, Judge Dread. Will this new venture lead to US soldiers flying into battle on hoverboards? Personally we’re hoping for a more consumer friendly version to try for ourselves.

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