Shure To Be Heard, Easy To Use

In the vast, intimidating world of online content creation, where does one begin when attempting to create their own web content? What kind of equipment should an up-and-comer prioritize? A tip from many veteran creators would be to start with sound. Regardless of visual content—it is arguably more important to be heard, with quality and clarity. Aspiring podcasters, Youtubers, musicians and vloggers, take note. The bread and butter for entertaining and informative content begins with a good microphone. Thanks to Shures long-running experience, and technical ingenuity they’ve maintained a very stalwart place in the audio equipment market for over 50 years. Now, at a solid $199—the MOTIV MV51’s by Shure not only fills a nearly barren competitive price point, but also blow some of the more expensive contending microphones out of the water; and there’s more where that came from.



Despite hitting the ripe old age of two (by technological standards) , this plug-and-play microphone is advantageous in its ease of use. While still not seeing much competitionin  the past two years, the MOTIV MV51 requires little editing after a recording is done. With more expensive sound equipment racking up the dollars, getting your recording to have the exact sound you’re seeking can become a pricey endeavor. Content creators just starting may not know where to begin either with audio; a desire veteran content creators share are a necessity for EQ (equalizing) and good compression. The MOTIV MV51 not only has built in EQ and compression, but also uses a phone application to create preset EQs and compression settings for future use. There are few to no microphones with such a feature currently—at least known to date.



Little to know editing being necessary for uploads, and lightweight portability make this the ideal condenser microphone for all manner of uses. Considering Shures tendency to lean their products toward the musically inclined, it’s no surprise that this also works great for musicians and vocalists. The ideal range for use is about twelve to fourteen inches away from the users face or instrument. You can also record straight through your phone should you find the need to do so.

As a brief highlight, the MOTIV M51 features:DSC02684-2

  • A simple to use application for custom settings
  • Built in EQ and compression settings
  • The ability to record straight through your phone
  • A near unchallenged price point at $199
  • Versatility and ease of use for starting content creators

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