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With great promises come great expectations — or so the story goes, and the anti-gravity case by GOATcase certainly shows a lot of promise. GOATcase is a company dedicated to creating interesting and eclectic cases for cellular phones. Their anti-gravity case in particular caught our eye with its use of nano suction technology. The case grants your phone the ability to stick itself to select surfaces, either flat or semi-moist (glass, wood, metal, screens, marble). But on a scale of posted notes to super glue, how well does it stick? Is it secure? And most importantly — will it do whatever a spider can? The short answer is; yea… kinda, and if the aforementioned butchery of Spidey’s iconic proverb hasn’t been too cringe worthy, lets talk about the versatile uses of the anti-gravity cases unique concept.

Accessories generally provide an enhancement for an existing product — and crafting a concept that is both unique, and creative can be tricky. The anti-gravity case nails that innovation by being more than just a hands free selfie tool. By eliminating the need for a platform, the user can direct their dexterity elsewhere. Video’s that require personal attention such as tutorials and DIYs become a breeze when you don’t have to hold them to your face. For videographers, panning  shots become available without a  dolly, Skype calls and FaceTime are made at the perfect angle, and coupled with decent durability, the semi-flexible case makes the $30 price point worth the admission. 
              DSC02630         DSC02667         

Since we never get tired of talking about how impressive the iPhone 7’s camera is,  check out this video which highlights some of the videographic potential:

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTRz-oYtLtg[/embedyt]

Users of the case should implement caution when evaluating surfaces to stick on. As stated it’s important to utilize the right kind of surface or you’re gonna have bad time. Glass and wood work excellently, marble also worked well, but porous, dry, and grainy textures do not stick— scientifically speaking. It is important not to yank it forcefully from a flat surface either, as you can damage the micro suction cups. Cleaning the case off occasionally with water would be advised after consistent use since dirt and dust get in the way of its stickiness. The bottom line; if you’re looking for an affordable iPhone 7 case with an artistic kick, give this one a literal shot and test all the interesting angles you can get from your camera.


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