Rocketbook Wave: Sending Your Notes To The Cloud

If you frequent our blog, one thing is abundantly clear; we love to push environmentally conscious products. They all intently focus on a sense of lifestyle, and are fully integratable into anyone’s daily grind. In the past we have discussed the healing properties of active charcoal as bizarre but highly effective hygiene products. We have shown you an indoor garden that you can click and grow anywhere in your home.  We have even on few occasions shown products that champion solar powered energy, like this fold-able lamp that fits in your hand. Innovation has always been the name of the game, and today were excited to talk about the Rocket Book Wave, a reusable notebook that doesn’t just erases your notes and scribbles in the microwave. (Yes, way)  It also stores selected notes into your personal cloud storage, provided you have the right kind of pen. Fortunately it’s as inexpensive and accessible as the book itself.



“What’s the scientific hook here, and how does it work”? Glad you asked! The Pilot Frixion gel pens which run for under ten dollars uses a special thermochromic ink that becomes clear under heat. The Wave notebook is specially designed to be microwave safe. So, when your notebook is filled up with notes, pop it in the nearest microwave to heat that Rocketbook Wave, and clear your notes in just a few minutes. The thermal logo on the cover tells you when your Rocket Book is done, simply microwave both sides with a mug of water placed firmly on top. The logo changes from blue to white. It will then in about 3-5 minutes return to blue when cool.


For storage the Wave uses its own application and connects to a number other common storage systems. It backs up your notes based on the corresponding symbols, or “buttons” at the bottom of each page. With the Rocket Book application (available on both iPhone and Android devices) you may assign each icon to the destination of your choice, be it a personal Dropbox folder, Evernote, Google Docs, OneNote or even your email. The Rocketbook app automatically files your notes in the right place when a corresponding icon is bubbled in or crossed out.


The amount of features highlights the effectiveness and thought put into this incredible invention. You know smartphones fairly well, and smart televisions, now meet the “intelligent page.” A special QR Code at the bottom of each page when scanned not only backs them up as mentioned, it also keeps them in their corresponding page order. In an instant, the Rocketbook app crops and enhances each page so your digital notes are more crisp and vibrant than the real thing.


A new level of “innovation and coolness” describe not only the Rocket Book, but also a lifestyle, and one we think more should strive for.

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