Prime Lunch Time With Accent on Design

According to one study the average American goes through about 6 disposable bags per week. Multiply said number by a population of about 300 million and it’s clear that an astronomical amount of paper and plastic bags are used and discarded daily.

Paper bags kill trees and it takes an estimated 15 to 1000 years for plastic to break down depending on the environment. Combine the sheer amount of environmental waste with an equally tasteless waste of energy resources in their manufacture, and it’s easy to see why people want to go a little more green these days.

Reusable items are becoming more common in the average household. In fact, lunch boxes and bags aren’t just for kids anymore and are making a trendy new resurgence among the adult crowd as an essential item in their daily work flow. With bags on the market like YuMe, your food stays heated and stylish too.


The YuMe is an insulated lunch bag with a minimalist design that’s all about that old school feel. The outside of the YuMe bag looks like your everyday paper lunch bag got picked up and redesigned by a style-savy bohemian trend setter. The material is also made of construction grade material known as Tyvek; a sturdy synthetic material used to keep any unwanted foreign hostility out. The inside however is PEVA; a waterproof polymer, and packs some soft insulated thermal tech that keeps your food warm and yum-my (pun intended) for up to 3 hours!
Designed to look like a paper bag with deceptively good intentions, the bag has an added feature of containing any food aroma, so the person next to you won’t be jealous of what you made for lunch that day. At 18cm long, 12cm wide, and 23cm high, its a fairly standard, yet accommodating bag size; not to big, not to small, and as a paper bag it collapses for spacial excellence in any larger tote or book bag. The upper edge is rolled several times, and then closed at two buttons.
An array of print styles also give you a choice of matching your outfit for the day. If you’re going to grab lunch next time, you might as well whip it out with some style. Try the YuMe, a real fashion accessory that combines art and lifestyle into a single driving force.


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