The Sitpack: A Pocket Sized Seat For Instant Relaxation.

Here we have another convenient tool birthed by the wonders of crowdfunding. The people have spoken, and if money talks, then people have been shouting for the Sitpack which takes the spotlight today. This unexpected portable chair is the accessory your butt deserves, and one your spine needs to boot. Compact, fold-able, and light-weight, are the attributes that make this item worth a try.




The Sitpack really feels like a concept birthed by city-folk, and it makes sense considering the amount of idle waiting a solitary New York City commuter will experience in their lifetime . But the concept actually came when its Denmark based creator waited idly for a performer that took quite a while to jump on stage; three hours in fact. While that kind of dedication for a performance is admirable, standing idly for such a long period of time gets quite uncomfortable. The results of his frustration lead to a portable seat design that not only provides on-the-fly relaxation, but also benefits the spine by promoting good body posture and increased blood circulation.




Polycarbonates are tough material, that can withstand high temperatures and a lot of weight; the material of choice for our sturdy chair here. It supports up to 100 kilograms, is about 16 cm tall, and 66-85 cm wide. It also comes in a variety of colors and camo patterns for matching.


Despite the simplicity of it’s concept, its a wonder no one thought of this already as it even fits a number of demographic interests. It’s quite possible for The Sitpack to take off, as it combats the negative effects of back problems caused by strenuous activity, and age, and is even great for those just looking for extra comfort. Considering the average person works about 8-10 hours a day there’s no shame in taking your idle time seriously.

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