Click & Grow A Greener Future!


Let’s all take a deep breath. Last Week we elected a new President. We noticed that not everyone is happy about who won, but we’re here to give everyone something to agree on! Plants are awesome, fresh herbs are delicious, and gardening is hard work. Not everyone has the time or space to grow their own produce, which is why we want to show you the Click & Grow.


Click & Grow is a crowd funded, indoor, self maintaining home growing solution. How do they work? In-unit sensors are designed to constantly monitor garden vitals and attend to plant needs for light, water, and nutrients. They even developed their own “Smart Soil” that is said to create the perfect environment for plants to thrive.



We took a look through their selection of growing pods, and they have a wide range of popular herbs, spices and produce. They even have cat-nip for our feline companions. We recommend the Click & Grow for urban homes, and workaholics.

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