With Love From Copenhagen – RAINS


Every so often, we’ll see something refreshing walk into our NYC location. Such was the case when we were first introduced to RAINS. The Copenhagen based company was founded in 2011 by Philip Lotko and Daniel Brix, when they reinterpretted the traditional rain coat into the sexiest line of rain jackets and wet weather accessories to date.


Describing their non-targeted approach to design “We are not focused on a specific age, sex or style, but find inspiration in making products suitable for all kind of types.” The RAINS product line is most heavily influenced by their home town. With 121 days of rain each year in Copenhagen not only are their jackets and bags sure to be weather proof, they carry the true essence of Danish aesthetics.

“To make a product of local authenticity based on Danish culture and environment is such a great inspiration,” says Philip. We couldn’t agree more, and hope to see more local brands creating products that take inspiration from their home town in the future.

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