Voltaic Has Clean, Green, Charging Machines

As we coast through this year’s hurricane season mostly unscathed, tropical storms can still show up with little time to prepare. If your neighborhood is vulnerable to blackouts, we recommend an alternative energy source that won’t leave you in the dark.


Solar is the most abundant and easily accessible green energy source on the planet. If you’re not ready to install giant solar panels on your roof (or don’t have roof access from your apartment), there’s always Voltaic. When it comes to portable power, Voltaic pioneered the field with one of the first solar backpack designs. Today they offer a wide array of packs and charging kits for a plethora of electronic devices worldwide.




We’ve followed Voltaic for years, and continue to be impressed by their consistent updates that ensure compatibility with the latest electronic devices. As a brand, they also maintain environmentally conscientious business practices. They actively support individuals and organizations that tackle energy and conservation problems. Their products use recycled materials and are modular for easy repair with minimal waste.

With their ease of use and commitment to sustaining the environment, Voltaic earns three thumbs way way up.

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