ShieldSak – A Tinfoil Hat For Your Phone & Wallet


As global surveillance continues to become as obvious as it is effective, many may be looking for methods of passively resisting “The Man”. Enter ShieldSak; a pocket sized Faraday cage for the phone, passport, and credit card. Even if “The Man” isn’t a concern, it’s not just the government that has tools to remotely extract data from electronic devices.


Any device connected to Wi-Fi or a cellular network consistently broadcasts signals that include location as well as other personal information authorized an application to use. As of 2006, passports contain ID chips that can be read with certain wireless devices and stolen without having left the person’s pocket. Have a fancy new super safe chip in the credit card? That can be read wirelessly as well.

Inside of the ShieldSak, these vulnerabilities have RF camouflage. Downside is that the signal blocking works both ways. If one places a mobile device into the ShieldSak, phone calls or text will not be received until removed. Great for dropping off the face of the earth, but hopefully there’s no emergency.

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