DAQI – Light, Music, & Taiwanese Craftsmanship



The DAQI Concept Speaker first and foremost is an earnest demonstration of Taiwanese craftsmanship. From the choice of wood to its speaker crossover frequency, every detail has been carefully considered. The final result is a beautiful work of functional art. DAQI is a rechargeable lamp and speaker crafted to look like a bird in a cage.




“As a design team based in Taiwan, we want to incorporate uniquely local materials and culture into our work even when it is for the design of electronic products.” A member of the DAQI team shared in their indiegogo campaign. The body of the bird is ceramic formed from molds, and fired in traditional kilns in Yingge. It is then detailed with beautiful patterned decals, like the blue and white feathered china. The cage is hand assembled without vertical support to avoid obstructing view of the bird.

One choice that caught my attention is the wood used for the base of the DAQI. Cunninghamia and locally sourced Taiwanese Acacia woods are flexible, durable and most importantly sustainable.

DAQI’s functions include adjustable lighting, a dual driver speaker with tweeter and subwoofer, and Blueooth compatibility in the DAQI  Wireless version. If you’re looking to grab a DAQI Concept speaker for yourself, their official release is set for October.

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