Defeat Rebel Spinach with Darth Vader Toothsaber

Since their debut in 1977, the Star Wars lightsaber remains one of the most iconic fantasy weapons to grace the silver screen. From the first time Luke Skywalker held a radiant blue blade to the last stroke of Kylo Ren’s crimson cruciform saber, each variation captivated fans with how unique they were in their design. None, however were able to safely pluck food from between your teeth… Until now!


This tiny Darth Vader can’t stand to see spinach in your teeth, and will activate his toothsaber to defeat food debris. The collectible toothpick dispenser is made by BANDAI, and captures the imposing visage of one of the greatest villains of all time.





With promise of Lord Vader’s return in the upcoming movie Rogue One, we see this Darth Vader Toothsaber toothpick dispenser on many fans’ Christmas Lists.

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