Phone. Keys. Wallet-Battery…?

Phone. Keys. Wallet; the essentials checklist everyone makes just a few steps away from walking out the door. The triad tends to overshadow all extra trinkets when dealing with our very active, very busy brains. Things like charging cables, batteries, and that cool new trinket you found the other day at that one shop tend to easily be forgotten in the hustle and bustle of daily preparations. These useful little tools are swept under the rug of our minds, especially when we’re worried about important dates or stressed and trying to figure out what we need to grab, and what should be left behind to make the day a little bit smoother.

You probably can’t function without a charger either and we’ve collectively reached a point where your phone battery indicator blinking red feels just as terrible as forgetting your wallet – like a warning sign for a social blackout. Times like this you’ll wish you’d remembered to pack your external battery. Well, the team at Nomad have a consolidating and stylish option for you, with a fine crafted leather wallet, that has a built in charger and cable.






Get one full charge from this beautifully and expertly crafted wallet made of Horween leather. The Horween Leather Company is the stuff of legends, one of the oldest continuously running tanneries in the United States. They’re the only one located in Chicago, are family owned, still kicking, and kicking hard at that. The company has been meticulously picked by Nomad in an attempt to set themselves apart from other phone accessories, and with leather that still looks so good after 2 years of use they’ve earned their namesake. The wallet itself, also comes in two styles; a bi-fold and slim style for either cash carrying preference, or light pockets for the minimalist.



The wallet sports a thin lithium-ion battery and holds a 2400 mAh charge with a lightening cable built in. They fit right into the spine of the Bi-fold version and the base of the Slim. This is part of the magic that Nomad has worked to make their wallet the same thickness as a traditional wallets. Such a compact design is the results of tiny circuit boards, which ensure a genuinely high density battery system. An advanced SoC (system on chip) microprocessor and 01005 grade components allow the battery to provide a full charge for even the iPhone 6s.




Nomad’s been on a mission to create minimalist designs for the everyday consumer, and are succeeding in that regard. After many prototypes and designs, materials and fabrication techniques, they’ve perfected each product right down to the smallest detail. Having a compact battery in your phone is a lifesaver on a rough night out. Items that relieve the stress of our day to day grind is the name of the game for Nomad, and their firm support of Apple with accessories as detailed as these are a strong argument in favor of the Apple lifestyle.



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