Zeiss VROne – Precision Optics Meets VR


If E3 2016 showed us anything, VR is the hottest new thing everyone wants to deliver. Peripherals┬árange from the pioneering Oculus Rift to Google’s cardboard VR. With most VR gadgets coming from mobile or gaming companies, one device we didn’t expect was the Zeiss VROne.

Zeiss is well known as a world leader in precision optics, from eye wear to rifle scopes. You can even find Zeiss lenses being used in space. When we heard they created the VROne, we had to investigate.

Designed for use with mobile devices, the VROne is compatible with the iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6, Nexus 5, and LG-G3. Their interchangeable phone tray system will also make it easy to maintain compatibility with newer mobile devices. There are already scores of VR apps on Google play and the AppleApp store, all of which you can experience with the VROne. Zeiss boasts that their precision optics further enhance that experience. If NASA trusts them, I’m inclined to give their claims consideration.


One unique design feature of the Zeiss is the transparent front panel, freeing the phone camera and allowing new possibilities for augmented reality. They designed the VR One AR app to demonstrate this capability, but we anticipate many future applications that take advantage of this feature.


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