The M500 by KEF

After 10 minutes with the Keff M500s you may find it hard to believe you’ve been wearing headphones, and not tiny oval shaped feathers on your ears. The M500’s absorbent memory foam ear cups sport an unrivaled level comfort, a great example of how Keff remained at the forefront of sonic innovation for 50 years. The company’s obsession with high-res sound, and a relentless pursuit for quality in their speakers has now blown a crater into the headphone market with their M series.

It would be difficult to find on-ear headphones with a similar ratio of comfort to affordability in any price grade.
The M500’s engineering projects its innovation at first glance. The pair boasts a super lightweight build, wielding a tight aluminum frame. Its space aged, yet simplistic look invokes memories of the film 2001: A Space Odyssey. Its mono-colored selections are similar to how millennials imagined futuristic tech to appear; sleek and classy.
The unit also make use of versatile ‘smart’ hinge technology, and the hinges themselves are multi-directional. They can pivot to either a flat laying position, or fold inward for neat packing and space conservation. The auxiliary input by design is an example of geometric excellence. The side jack fixes a lot of problems with impeding chords and has easy insertion. A flat auxiliary chord is a modern design concept that prevents tangling and knots. Their inline remote/microphone is Apple-friendly, and works for both Apple products and android phones.
Sound-wise The Keff M500s carry just the right amount of warmth offering a very solid and well-rounded sound. They sport strong bass; not too dark, and full of energy. They also emphasize the mid range with great detail.
Its design exhibits a layer of acoustic sealing used to minimize sound leakage. A layer of noise isolation make the grey and black colored pair have not just a very stylish color scheme, but also fits well in an ideal office setting. Function and fashion feel like the themes present here- in that order.
Comparatively the price beats other headphones in its tier on versatility alone. These phones are a perfect addition to the sophisticated audiophiles arsenal, or anyone seeking a well balanced, lightweight pair of headphones with lasting power.
You may find more stylish looking headphones on the market, but few excel at a balance of sound and comfort as well as the M500 by Kef.


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