NYC Gets LIT – The AC Gears X-Beams Lighter


We decided to take one of’s most popular items for a test drive, and there’s no better proving ground than our own backyard – New York City. The windproof, flameless, X-Beams Lighter uses dual heat beams (900 degrees F) to light all of your flammables. Cool, right? Only if real New Yorkers think so.

The video below is not intended to promote smoking, and the Surgeon General firmly warns against it. That said, here’s Grace going around and helping those that smoke spark up in style!

It was surprisingly difficult to find smokers, and harder still to catch them before they had the chance to light up. Tobacco products were not the only thing we sparked – the X-Beams lighter had everyone very curious. One thing we know for sure – it’s HOT!

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