Aerodrums Unboxed


After seeing this video on Facebook, we decided we needed to know everything about the Aerodrums virtual drum kit. We grabbed ourselves a box, opened it and figured out how it works.


IMG_3898Inside the box we found:

1x USB powered ring flash

1x  paper sunglasses

1x pair reflective drum sticks with replacement heads

1x pair reflective foot straps

Not included in the box was the Playstation Eye, which was provided separately. The sunglasses were also a mystery at first, and we thought they may have been 3D glasses. We were wrong, but more on that soon!


We quickly discovered that Aerodrums uses motion capture technology, and tracks the reflective sticks and foot straps with high speed (140 FPS) video. The sunglasses are provided because in order for the Aerodrums to capture your movement properly, the ring flash will be directed at you and the reflective accessories.

Aerodrums are perfect for the city drummer with thin walls, or anyone that wants to practice without disturbing the neighborhood. Play has been described as feeling natural, and the range of expression is surprising even for professional drummers. The Aerodrums were even combined with the Oculus Rift at the 2016 NAMM Show, demonstrating a fully realized VR drum kit.

If you’re interested in grabbing the Aerodrums for yourself, check them out in our online store going for $199.

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