The New Pocket Operators Make Us Squee

Teenage Engineering joined the world of synthesizers marching to the beat of their own drum machine. In 2015 they released their handheld Pocket Operators; Minimalist synthesizers shaped like a calculator.

The Pocket Operator originally launched with the Rhythm, Sub, and Factory models. Three new models have entered the scene, and we can’t stop squealing.


The PO-20 arcade is named for the array of iconic arcade game sounds. With chord control, punch-in effects, and pattern chaining, this palm sized synth offers everything you need for rapid chiptune improvisation.


The PO-24 office brings the beat, with sampled vintage hardware and real synthesizer engines. This noise percussion drum machine and sequencer gives you classic office sounds like the matrix printer, 5.25″ floppy disk, and hardsync tones.


My personal favorite, the PO-28 robot features an 8-bit synthesizer engine with 15 sounds and a micro drum machine. Great as a lead synth, you can apply portamento with the glide feature to add expression.

Like the original three, these new pocket operators can be daisy chained and slaved to one another to play in sync. Why don’t you show us the cool things you’ve done with your Pocket Operators in the Comments? Here’s what one talented user created using all three:

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