Turn your Tripod into a Light, OK CW&T

Next up in the realm of thoughtful engineering from CW&T; a Brooklyn-based art and design studio, is this modest expansion to any filmmaker or photographer’s repertoire. With CW&T’s Tripod Light your tripod can upgrade from its single-use functionality into a creative pivot between, stellar visual shots and affordable set lighting.



By making your tripod less of an accessory and more of a versatile, multi-purpose tool with on-the-fly changeability, this tech becomes an essential tool for both professional and amateur photographers.

The tripod light mount is a simple, integrated light socket and switch that fits onto standard tripods while stainless steel bracket fits any standard tripod thread. Not simply a great tool for the budgeting amateur film makers; the Tripod light allows moore casual home stylists to channel their inner bohemian and illuminate a room with your tripod as an artistic light source. If your aim is aesthetic appeal for a more attractive home, or practically in the form of a reading lamp, use this to make your home all the more welcoming.


T5  T3



-Integrated Toggle Switch Socket  fits Medium or Standard Base ( E26 (MES) and E27 (ES) ) aka your regular household bulb.

-Brushed Stainless Steel Bracket

-12.5 Feet of Ultra-Durable Neoprene Jacket Wire

-Industrial Grade Plug

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