The Swiss Army Key Holder You Absolutely Need In Your Life.

Here’s a simple invention you never thought you needed in your life – KeySmart; a nifty, and compact swiss army style key holder for the smart consumer.

key holder

key holder

The unchecked, often disorganized mess that is the average person’s keychain contains approximately nine keys, and yet we only know what about six of them unlock; one study shows. Michael Patrick’s patented KeySmart remedies this, and many other key-bearing issues by bringing organization, and innovation to a very modest portion of one’s day to day grind.

Through an incredibly successful 2013 Kickstarter campaign raising $329,862, by 8900 backers in which a fed up, pants torn Mr. Patrick decided to birth the concept of KeySmart, a solution to a problem you probably didn’t know you had.
key holder


Stylish and functional; KeySmart brings ease and comfort to organizing your keys, select trinkets, and accessories in a smooth, contemporary design made of stainless steel and aluminum to minimize pocket weight. Each unit is hand assembled in Chicago, U.S.A meaning the manufacturing is cleaner, cost effective and economically friendly. Assembly is as simple as unscrewing a Flathead screw or a nickel.

An incredibly successful 2013 Kickstarter campaign raising $329,862, by 8900 backers

key holder



As hands on users, we realize how headache-inducing sifting through a large number of keys can be. Many-a-time has one cursed the rogue key that decided to stab you through a rear or backside pocket while sitting down, or frustratingly ripped a tangled piece of fabric in your favorite jean pocket. They’re annoyances so minor yet temporarily frustrating that you probably don’t think of them often. Not only is this invention cute and compact, It highlights Kickstarter’s versatility as an outlet for inventive simplicity, and concepts to improve everyday life.

KeySmart continues to innovate with newer household tools and products. So as confident owners, here’s to comfort, and style from us at AC Gears.

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