Paul Rudd and Stephen Hawking Play Epic Game of ‘Quantum Chess’

Here’s one way to open an evening dedicated to celebrating┬áthe past and present of quantum science — a video, directed by Bill of Bill and Ted, featuring Paul Rudd challenging Stephen Hawking to a game of quantum chess, with a bit of voiceover from Keanu Reeves.


Rudd is endearing as ever, and Hawking is a good sport to play along, but enjoyable as the clip is as a comedic bit, it turns out there’s real science involved. Perhaps no surprise, as researchers from the Institute for Quantum Information and Matter (IQIM) were consultants on Rudd’s recent Ant-Man film, which deals in the quantum realm. So, enjoy the video and the fact that you’re stimulating the science side of your brain watching Rudd and Hawking face off in this very real version of a strategy game “that follows the rules of probability and uncertainty and treats each piece as a quantum particle.” The message to take away from this: anyone can quantum.

[Gizmodo via Caltech]


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