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The Google Cardboard makes VR accessible by bringing down the pricepoint so that more people can experience the immersive technology for themselves, and the company brings that spirit of accessibility to education as well with its Expeditions Pioneer Program. Teams travel to schools around the world to help teachers use this technology in classrooms, allowing students to go on virtual reality ‘field trips’ when taking actual trips are either cost-prohibitive or logistically impossible.


Now, with the release of a beta app for Android, schools don’t have to wait for a team visit to get started. Wired reports:

“Until now, the Google Expeditions Pioneer Program had been a limited-release thing—albeit a very popular one, as Google says more than half a million students have participated in the pilot already around the United States, Canada, and Sweden. Schools had to sign up for a visit from the Google Expeditions team and then wait.

But Google announced today that the Expeditions Program will be opening up beyond its current ‘sign up and wait for us to visit’ status. Google will release a beta version of the Google Expeditions app for Android, so teachers and schools can download it to experience the virtual tours.”

Teachers and schools can sign up to be beta testers now, putting them in line for access to VR tours of the Great Barrier Reef, Buckingham Palace and other stimulating locales.

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