Re-visit the 90s With Rashida Jones In This Happy-Making Music Video

The music video for Boss Selection’s “Flip and Rewind” opens with Rashida Jones Skype-ing with Jermaine Dupri. As they chat, the conversation drifts to the topic of the 90s and how amazing it was. What do they miss? What don’t they miss!


“The music.”

“The vibe.”

“The clothes.”

“The people!”


Cue Rashida’s amazing, beautiful 90s daydream, soundtracked by a very 90s R&B track provided by Boss Selection, the producer-moniker of Jones’ nephew Sunny Levine. And that’s actually Rashida singing on the track! Surprised? Don’t be — her dad is Quincy Jones and her sister dated Tupac.


For more quality time on set with Jones, check out the behind-the-scenes video of the shoot that lets you experience a 360-degree view of the proceedings.

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