Mouth Hack: This Electric Fork Changes the Way Food Tastes


You may have heard of the so-called ‘miracle berry,’ a tablet that changes the tastes of food, making even very sour and bitter foods taste sweet. Now, how about changing or highlighting aspects of foods using an electric current?



Hiromi Nakamaru, a Post Doc Research Fellow at the University of Tokyo, demonstrates this concept using an electric fork she developed as part of her research in altering the human senses.


While the idea of putting something electric in your mouth doesn’t sound like the safest activity, Nakamaru explains that the actual current is so weak as to be completely harmless. To use it, you impale a piece of food on the prongs of a fork that’s tucked inside a box that comes equipped with a slider on the outside to adjust the current. Upon putting the food in your mouth, you close the electric circuit formed by the fork and the handle. By pushing the slider up gradually while tasting your food, you can experience what Munchies host Simon Klose describes as being almost ‘sparkling’, likening the sensation to an ‘electric spice.’ Take a look at the video for an in-depth look into this technology and the history behind it.

[Via Munchies]

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