Future Fridges Double As Cold TVs


The smart fridges of the future have the capability to monitor all the contents inside, letting you see at a glance when items are running low, and even sending notices to your smartphone to inform you that the milk is going bad or your eggs are near their expiration date. And now they’ll even be like giant TVs, thanks to Samsung’s newly announced smart fridge, the “Family Hub.”


The fridge, which features a 21.5″ vertical touchscreen on one of its doors, also includes an in-built camera accessible both through the touchscreen and via apps, letting you check on your food from a remote location, a good way to figure out if you need to buy a bunch of scallions on your way home from the office. And that’s not all — here are some of its other features, described on Munchies:

“As if these food-monitoring features weren’t enough, Samsung’s futuristic fridge also includes a stereo speaker system and news and weather updates on its touchscreen display. Because who doesn’t want to read the day’s headlines and find out whether it’s going to rain later as they reach for a pint of semi-skimmed?”

You can’t get your hands on one quite yet — only just debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, there is no release date set. The Verge estimates the fridge will cost approximately £2,700 when it hits the market.

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