Make a Scarf Out of Your DNA


For a unique item this holiday season, consider one fashioned after a part of you that is truly one-of-a-kind: your DNA. Dot One, a company whose name references the .1 percent of human DNA that differentiates us from each other, can take DNA from a swab of the cheek and turn it into a unique color print using a special algorithm.


Upon ordering, Dot One will send a genetic test kit. After sending back your cheek swab sample, the results go to the genetic testing lab and after a few days’ turnaround, your product (a poster print or lambswool scarf) goes into production. The visual pattern is created by assigning stretches of genetic code a numerical value, which is then translated into a color. As designer and Dot One creator Iona Inglesby explains to Wired:

“It’s basically color matching. When you do DNA profiling, they run your sample through a gel and it creates a quite geometric, linear pattern. The prints are reflective of the process itself.”


If you’re an identical twin, however? Well, you’ll have to share.

[Via Wired]


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