A Virtual Reality App From Björk Takes You to Reyjkjavik


Have you been wanting to explore the shores of Reyjkjavik while being serenaded by Björk and a string orchestra? You’re in luck, as Björk unveils a virtual reality app for iOS that allows you to do just that in a video for her song “Stonemilker.”


From the site:

“The application is designed for use on smartphones ideally with a third party virtual reality viewer such as Google Cardboard, Freefly VR or the Zeiss VR ONE. Don’t worry if you don’t have one of these however as there is also a Magic Window mode so you can still get some of the effects.”

Choose your VR viewer, as the app is calibrated specifically to each different variety, put on your headphones and sit back for the “‘binaural’ immersive sound mix that Björk created for the experience.”

No VR viewer? You can still explore the video on Youtube, in a less immersive manner, by clicking on the icon in the upper left to rotate the view as the video plays.

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