This Piece of Motion-Sensitive Art Is Not Your Average Still-Life

Scott Garner‘s interactive art piece from 2012, ironically titled “Still Life,” utilizes Unity 3D to create an image that you can manipulate by tilting the frame, causing all the traditional elements of a still life painting to go tumbling from side to side. Watch the video above for a look at the creation of this piece and to see it in action. Garner explains his method on his site:

“On the hardware side is a custom-framed television connected to a rotating mount from Ergomart. Attached to the back of the television is a spatial sensor from Phidgets, makers of fine USB sensors. On the software side is a simple C application to communicate with the sensor and feed the data to a Unity 3D scene. The scene itself consists of a camera tied to the sensor data with all lights and objects parented to it so they rotate in unison.”

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