Trip the Light Fantastic With the Rainbow Bagel


For self-proclaimed bagel artist Scot Rossillo, the drudgery of turning out bagel after bagel that all look round and brown and similarly bagel-like day-in and day-out was just not going to cut it. Sure, you’ll find your average looking bagel at any one of his Bagel Store locations, the first of which he opened in Williamsburg 15 years ago. But you’ll also find this trippy, psychedelic, “we all live in a yellow submarine”-type…thing. Meet the Rainbow Bagel.


As Rossillo explains in a video for Gothamist, “I’m not a basic kind of person,” indulging his creative side by making colorful bagels on the side “as a form of personal therapy.” Applying the mind of a baker to his craft, he pushes these bright creations in a sweeter direction,┬áunderstanding the expectation one has when looking at a bagel that seems to have rolled out of a mystical cotton candy forest. This means offering inspired pairings, like a funfetti cream cheese, so you can create a bagel sandwich like none you’ve ever experienced before.


“On a good day for Rossillo, five hours of mixing, kneading, and baking can yield two hundred bagels, but Rossillo admits that, were he sticking to a more monochromatic recipe, he could crank out five times as much product. ‘It’s really a passion of love, not a passion of profit.'”

[Via Gothamist]


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