Lego Kinetic Sculpture of Sisyphus Pushing His Endless Boulder

Artist Jason Allemann of JK Brickworks has shared a video detailing the mechanics of his latest Lego sculpture, a kinetic model depicting the Myth of Sisyphus, the man doomed to forever push a boulder up a hill, perhaps an analogy for taking on the endless task of building objects out of Legos.


Inspired by a video posted by Disney Research about building character models with realistic motion using mechanical links and gears, Allemann expanded on the espoused ideas with his Lego Sisyphus:

“Of course, I was immediately inspired to build my own version of the Sisyphus model out of LEGO parts. I definitely wanted to add my own touch to it though and, in addition to tweaking the geometry a little, I decided to add a boulder and extend the motion to it as well.”


For those who feel equally inspired, Allemann shares building instructions on his site.

[Via Laughing Squid]

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