An Innovative Design Improves a Natural Snack


A husband and wife team started The Crackin’ Egg Co. in 2013 to bring a natural, nutritious snack — the hard-boiled egg — to grocery store shelves in Europe. The goal was to create an eye-catching product that didn’t sacrifice any of the nutrition of this superfood, and the solution was ingenious.


When a chicken lays an egg, it comes with a natural, protective coating that keeps it safe from harmful bacteria. This is why, in many countries and cultures, you’ll see eggs stored out on the counter at room-temperature, rather than kept under refrigeration. This isn’t standard practice in the U.S. because most of the eggs we consume aren’t farm-fresh; rather, they’re commercial eggs that undergo a power-washing treatment, stripping them of their protective layer. Boiling eggs also removes this coating, so The Crackin’ Egg Co. replaces it with a brightly-colored food-safe wax and pigment. Painting the eggs in this way does double-duty, making for an eye-catching product that also extends the shelf life of the boiled egg to a month or more. Packaging the eggs with a variety of flavor satchets adds an extra layer of interest to this simple, good food.



The Dieline has more on how branding company Robot Food conceptualized the design to help The Crackin’ Egg Co. break into the UK market.



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