A Site That Collects the Last Messages Ever Received


The last words ever exchanged between two people hold a certain poignancy and emotional weight, and you can voyeuristically experience the full range of those gut feelings when scrolling through the Tumblr page The Last Message Received, where 15-year-old Emily Trunko posts a selection of the last-message submissions she receives. In the few weeks since the site has been active, she has received over 2,500 submissions.


The relationships between these contributors and their respective last-message-senders vary, and as such, so do the reasons behind the ending of communication. Some messages are unhinged, from abusive ex-lovers. Some are devastating, like a naively benign text from a relative right before an unexpected death. And some are sad in that unique way embodied by the friendship that dies for no particular reason. A NY Times profile on The Last Message Received shares its young creator’s thoughts on why its taken off in such a big way, launched as it was around the holidays:

“A lot of people are getting more sentimental and thinking more about family and interacting with loved ones,” (Emily) said. “I think Last Message Received can hit home with them.”

[Via NY Times Style]


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