Latest Bond Film ‘Spectre’ Features Smart Blood Nanotechnology — Is This Real?

Bond (Daniel Craig) being injected with Smart blood by Q (Ben Whishaw) in Spectre

Bond (Daniel Craig) being injected with Smart blood by Q (Ben Whishaw) in Spectre

Futuristic-sounding tech that seems just this side of realistic is sort of the James Bond franchise’s stock-in-trade. And while some of these gadgets can be dismissed as far-fetched flights of fancy,  there are also examples like Bond’s biometrically encoded ‘smart gun’ from Skyfall.

So, on which end of the reality spectrum does ‘Smart Blood’ fall? Featured in this year’s Spectre, this nanotechnology presents itself as a microchip that, once injected into the body, disperses through the blood, allowing Bond’s superiors to track his movements. Based on existing tech, Bustle looks into how soon we can expect to see something like ‘Smart Blood’ in the real world:

“There does exist a type of near-nanotechnology, called micro-electromechanical systems, that offers some GPS capability, but it’s made for use in tracking guns and is not suitable to be injected into humans. However, there does actually exist nanotechnology that has been safely inserted into a human body — just not for the purposes of tracking. Some “nanobots”, microscopic robots, have been used within the human eye to deliver drugs directly to the area that needs them, and the idea is that one day similar nanobots will be able to be injected into one’s bloodstream to administer medication or even perform surgery. Some scientists even believe that a swarm of nanobots in the bloodstream couldeventually make humans immune to disease, as the bots would simply destroy or fix any issues as soon as they arrive.”

In conclusion:

“So society is still likely a ways away from having GPS trackers injected into people’s bloodstreams, but given the various threads of developing technology that are heading in that direction, it seems like James Bond’s ‘Smart Blood’ may someday become a reality.”

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