A flip phone? What decade is this?
A flip phone? What decade is this?

Adele recently debuted her first new song in three years, the grand and emotionally moving “Hello.” Along with it came a corresponding video that opens on a scene many fans found jarring, or at least worth commenting on.

Yes, that is Adele, having a very Verizon Guy-like “can you hear me now?” moment while operating an outmoded piece of tech: the flip phone. It turns out that this was a very conscious choice made by the director, Xavier Dolan, who explains his thought process to People:

“It makes me uncomfortable filming iPhones because I feel like I’m shooting an iPhone commercial. And the same thing stands for cars: Drive them! Buy them! But on film, they’re distracting to me. They’re elements that you identify to our reality so much that – whether it’s a short film, a film, a music video – they just hurt the piece’s sensibility and reality, and it’s not as romantic.”

[Via People]

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