What Back to the Future II Got Right About Our Present


Wednesday, Oct 21st, 2015. That’s the ‘future’ date that Marty McFly travels to in Back to the Future, Part II. And that’s this Wednesday — a much more imminent future for us than for young Marty, who traveled there from the year 1985, a full 30-year leap.

It’s tricky business, guessing the future. So, what did the filmmakers, working in 1989, get right about the experience of living in 2015? The NY Times investigates:

“With the benefit of hindsight — and a closer look — “Back to the Future, Part II” proves surprisingly prescient. Coexisting with inventions and trends that may never come to fruition are those that have now arrived, including the use of drones, eyeglasses as wearable tech, video conferencing, and a focus on urban renewal and green space.

Bob Gale, who wrote and produced the film with the director Robert Zemeckis, discussed their original vision in a telephone interview and explained, ‘Bob and I knew we were never going to be accurately predict the future.'”

That’s fairly modest, considering how much they did correctly predict — everything from Google Glass-type devices to modern urban planning that prioritizes green/public spaces, fashioning them out of existing architectural structures, New York’s High Line being a prime example. Click over to the Times for more comparisons between Back to the Future, Part II’s 2015 and ours — including  a championship prediction for a certain little team from Chicago that just may come to pass after all.

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