Moog’s Awesome New Semi-Modular Synth: The Mother-32

The Mother-32 in a three-tier rack

The Mother-32 in a three-tier rack

For any synth enthusiast, this is big news: The Creator’s Project gets the first look at Moog’s newest release, its first tabletop semi-modular synthesizer, the Mother-32.

Featuring sound samples programmed by The Haxan Cloak, who recently contributed to Björk’s latest album, the Mother-32 is designed for maximum adaptability. From The Creator’s Project:

“The Mother-32 is semi-modular in that no patching is required for the instrument to work. The modular patchbay, however, does significantly expand Mother’s interconnect-ability with other Mother-32s, or modular instruments. You can buy an empty Mother case and a eurorack power module and fill it with other eurorack modules. It’s as if Moog has fused its beautiful looking and sounding synth design with the Eurorack ethos of building one’s own synth sound with individual modules.”


Even with the ability to patch cables with the Mother’s 32-point patch bay, Moog also wanted to make it accessible for beginners, with an onboard 10-octave analog oscillator with variable pulse width and an analog white noise generator, allowing those of any skill level to enjoy the synth’s capabilities with no patching required. Find out more about the Mother-32 at The Creator’s Project and Moog’s own site.

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