Trippy Turtle Video a Throwback to 90s Flash Games


DJ/Producer Trippy Turtle’s debut single “Trippy’s Theme” has an official music video that hearkens back to the early days of Japanese-leaning online flash games — the type collected under the wide banner of animation/gaming portals like Newgrounds. If you’re a child born of a certain era, you’ll know exactly what I mean as soon you hit ‘play.’

Set to the smooth, club-ready R&B of the track, Trippy Turtle visits his local neighborhood strip club, presided over by an animated RiFF RAFF, ducking out briefly to acquire some heads of lettuce from the grocery store next door. He proceeds to make it rain in the club, summoning an alien turtle-like monster creature. Whoops. But, fear not — our intrepid hero defeats the creature handily and celebrates by kicking it with his boys, animated versions of other DJs-with-animal-names like Cashmere Cat.

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