Build Virtual Reality Headset out of Cardboard, Save $350

Images: Google Cardboard

Images: Google Cardboard

With the Oculus Rift now available to game developers at a sticker price of $350, the world of virtual reality is poised to become much more exciting very soon. With the goal of bringing that new, glorious VR future to bear in an even speedier fashion, Google developers have released plans that detail how to cheaply and easily create a comparable VR headset using cardboard, giving the project an appropriately no-nonsense name: Cardboard.


Out of the six main components needed to construct the headset (not including the Android phone used to drive the VR experience once the headset is assembled), a biconvex lens kit is the only ‘complex’ element, though even this can be obtained for around $30.

The rest of the list won’t send you much further than the local hardware store, being made up of items like velcro, rubber bands and, of course, cardboard. And, as the FAQ portion of the project page states, even a pizza box will do –so place an order for that extra large pepperoni and get to work.




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