‘No Wave’ Gives You the Downtown NYC Nightlife Experience in Video Game Form


You are Jim, a man from Brooklyn. You discover the underground life of New York. Someone told you to go out, but you’re asking ‘Why?’ And the answer is: ‘Life is in the streets, in music, not only in your flat.’ You decide to visit one of these clubs known for their wild side. They are repulsive but attractive in many aspects. So there you are, ready to try anything.”

Thus begins ‘No Wave,’ a retro-feeling point-and-click video game from Dorian SRed┬áthat lovingly/satirically re-creates the experience of ‘going out’ in a 1980’s-era New York City — a time when strange, dark and noisy bands like Swans and The Birthday Party (both of whom appear in the game) held sway in the punk no wave scene. Give it a shot and see if getting kicked out of a punk rock club in the 80s was any more fun than it is now.


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