Image: Ars Technica
Images: Lee Hutchinson/Ars Technica

As pointed out at Ars Technica, where one writer has reported his experience with Soylent, the powdered food product that promises to provide total and well-proportioned nutrition in one glass, the product contains neither people nor soy, despite its startling name.


With carbs, fats and proteins represented in a 50/30/20 ratio, along with all necessary dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals, Soylent’s nutrition label meets the FDA-recommended daily allowance in all categories by just over 100 percent when taken for all three meals. At the moment, the product costs the equivalent of about $3 a meal, and its creator would like to drive the price down even further to compete with the cost of rice and beans in an effort to make basic, complete nutrition economically viable for all people. While further testing needs to be done to compare the nutritional benefits of taking liquid meals over processing real food, amid concerns that a product like this poses a threat to long traditions of food culture, there is no doubt this is an interesting advancement.


Read about the writer’s personal experience with Soylent and a little history of the product over at Ars Technica.

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