Kinetic Art To Power Your Soul And Lights


When searching for clean, renewable energy there are quite a few options, though when presented with something as simple as the windmill some naysayers will complain of how much space they take, or how much they ruin the look of the landscape. Architects at Najjar & Najjar likely weren’t satisfied with this excuse. They created these conceptual structures that harness the power of water, setting an example for a way renewable energy can be beautiful, and restorative to a community.

Iris-kinematic-structure-in-Beirut-by-Najjar-Najjar-_dezeen_61 Iris-kinematic-structure-in-Beirut-by-Najjar-Najjar-_dezeen_71

The Kinetic Iris structures are positioned along the coast of Beirut, and move according to the tide as it washes along the beach. Citizens are able to climb and take refuge in the structures, relaxing and experiencing the shore line in a whole new way. All the while, each structure is generating electricity used to light the streets, and abandoned houses lining the coast.

Iris-kinematic-structure-in-Beirut-by-Najjar-Najjar-_dezeen_11 Iris-kinematic-structure-in-Beirut-by-Najjar-Najjar-_dezeen_21 Iris-kinematic-structure-in-Beirut-by-Najjar-Najjar-_dezeen_81 Iris-kinematic-structure-in-Beirut-by-Najjar-Najjar-_dezeen_51

[via Dezeene]

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