This Video Explains Why Bacon Smells So Amazing


No matter how much its been over-hyped and over-used, piled on top of everything from cupcakes to ice cream sundaes in gimmicky menu items across the land, it’s still hard not to agree that cooking bacon smells really, really good.   The folks over at Compound Interest, a blog from the American […]

Simple Tools and a Rich Tradition: Filipino Tribal Tattoo Art

Image: Joe Ash

The BBC reports on the Philippine Islands and their inhabitants’ longstanding tradition of decorating themselves with elaborate and striking large-scale tattoos. The designs, which evoke the surrounding land and personal family histories, are inscribed on the skin using a traditional ‘tapping’ style. The rudimentary-sounding tools used to accomplish this — ink, a […]

Enduring Innovations: The History of the Chemex

Images: Chemex

It seems like the last few years have seen the introduction of the Chemex in coffee culture, popping up on counters in hip cafes the world over. In reality, this pour-over device, eye-catching in its simplicity and modern form, was introduced to the public long ago in the 1940s, the work of […]

NASA Technology You Can Wear

Images: Ministry of Supply

If you’re not yet familiar with Phase Change Materials (PCMs), let the Apollo Shirt from Ministry of Supply serve as your wearable  introduction. Developed in the 1980s by NASA engineers at Johnson Space Center in collaboration with private industry, PCMs change state at different temperatures, helping regulate temperature shifts in textiles […]

3-D Printing and Drones in M.I.A.’s “Double Bubble Trouble” Video


“What if you could make weapons like these in your own home using what’s called a ‘three-dimensional printer’? This sounds like science-fiction, but to some, it’s not so far-fetched.” Thus begins M.I.A.’s new video for “Double Bubble Trouble”, and nothing that follows shares much in common with the sanitized, glossy smartphone commercial vision […]

Soylent 1.0: The New Wave of Powdered Food

Image: Ars Technica

As pointed out at Ars Technica, where one writer has reported his experience with Soylent, the powdered food product that promises to provide total and well-proportioned nutrition in one glass, the product contains neither people nor soy, despite its startling name. With carbs, fats and proteins represented in a 50/30/20 ratio, along […]