The First Sunrise (Hatsuhinode): Captured From Space


Every moment that passes is unique, but how often do we stop to appreciate each one? In celebrating the new year, the Japanese pay special attention to a number of ‘firsts.’ Among the most celebrated of these is hatsuhinode: the first sunrise.


Many who choose to celebrate the momentous occasion will climb to extreme heights, even reaching the summit of Mt. Fuji. Photographer Keisuke Iwaya took things one step further, becoming the first to capture the special sunrise from space.



With an iPad, GoPro Hero 3 and 25,000 yen worth of hardware, he managed to beat out those at Mt. Fuji by over 26,000 meters. The Hinode No. 1 balloon craft carrying the GoPro soared to a height of 30 km above land while Keisuke controlled the camera from the ground using his tablet.

[Via Spoon&Tamago]
[Images: Keisuke Iwaya]

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