The TS-1 Team Sneaker: Very Fancy Footwork


After recently adding Teenage Engineering’s Oplab to the AC Gears online store, one of the accessories in particular, crafted to work with the ‘Musical Experimental Board,’ caught our eye. The TS-1 Team Sneaker is a collaboration between Teenage Engineering and Swedish shoe makers Spalwart. When it comes to a device made for electronic instruments, you’re not thinking you need to connect it to your sneakers — thanks to Teenage Engineering for showing us you really do.

The Oplab itself is a kind of universal connectivity device for electronic instruments. With its MIDI, CV and USB connections, the device allows you to sync and program virtually any electronic musical instrument or light display. The TS-1 was specifically designed to hold a wireless gyro sensor that connects to the Oplab and triggers any connected devices. You want to hear a kick drum when you stomp? You got it. Make the lights flicker when you dance? That’s exactly what the TS-1 is for. And with its classic Chuck Taylor-like design, it doesn’t hurt that the TS-1 also looks really sweet.

[Images: Teenage Engineering & Spalwart]

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