The Ceramic Canvas: The Art of Plating


Paul Liebrandt, the chef at the Elm, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, constructed a delicately Dr. Seussian tableau of squab, beet, tarragon flowers and pink dabs of crab apple juice. Mr. Liebrandt, whose plating is on full display in his new book, “To the Bone,” and who cites the influence of painters like Cy Twombly and Mark Rothko, said the striking, complex dish had been inspired by the flavors of autumn.

“It’s not simple,” he said. “But that’s why you come here to eat it. If everyone could do this at home, we’d go out of business. I know that this is not everyday food, but that’s the point. You couldn’t really say a Picasso is an everyday picture.”

The NY Times explores the artistic side of the cooking profession and how chefs today are exercising it in service of smart, whimsical, mind-expanding food.

[Via NY Times]
[Image: Evan Sung for The New York Times]

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