There are few things as universally-beloved as Lego. The popular building block has inspired everything from works of art to amazing feats of engineering; for a recent case in point, see the Super Awesome Micro Project.

Created by Melbourne marketer and entrepreneur Steve Sammartino and 20-year-old Romanian tech wizard Raul Oaida, Super Awesome Micro Project is a working car built to resemble a Hot Rod and made almost entirely of standard Lego pieces, including the engine itself, which runs on air.


Sammartino funded the project with one tweet; interested parties who tweeted back were directed to a mysterious prospectus with further clarification of Sammartino’s terms: this was to be a techie, community-backed attempt to do something no one had ever done before, and there would be no return on investment. The money was to be considered a donation. Even so, 40 patrons stepped up to front the money and the SAMP was on its way.


[Images: Josh Rowe]

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