Victoria’s Secret and the Sexy Side of 3-D Printing






3-D printing strikes again, extruding its way into every facet of culture that will give it a try. And this time it’s sexy.

The 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was a perfect storm of elegance and ingenuity. The Snow Angel costume worn by fashion model Lindsay Ellingson was designed by Bradley Rothenberg in collaboration with Victoria’s Secret, Swarovski and Shapeways. Every year, Victoria’s Secret has an exclusive Swarovski look, which Ellingson was excited to be chosen for (“I’m used to wearing really big wings; very heavy. So, it’s such a treat to wear something so unique, and it’s very easy to wear as well”).




To ensure a perfect fit, a 3-D scan of Miss Ellingson’s body was first obtained. The hat, wings and corset were all printed by Shapeways out of lightweight nylon, as it is not a material compatible with consumer-grade 3-D printers. The pieces were then encrusted with millions of Swarovski crystals and paired with Victoria’s Secret lingerie. The interlocking design of the snowflakes allowed it to be flexible in areas that hugged the skin, while its free-standing structural elements remained rigid.

Here is a slightly less sexy video of the process:

[Images: Shapeways]

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