Not much is known about Sophie, and that’s the way he likes it.

Assumed to be male (though even this much is not certain) the London producer has thus far chosen to shelter his identity, in the manner of the principled artist, in order to let the music speak. And what music! Utterly immediate, giddily infectious, bubbly, wobbly and twisted; it is a thing that sounds new.

From Pitchfork Media’s interview with the producer in October:

Pitchfork: The images associated with Sophie have a melty, colorful feel, which is similar to your music, too.

S: The photos are called “Homemade Molecular Cooking.” Music as molecular gastronomy is something I like to think about. It’s about getting to the molecular level of a particular sound—realizing what that sound actually is made of, and why it behaves a certain way when processed or cooked.

[Via Pitchfork Media]

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