James Murphy Breaks Up LCD Soundsystem, Makes Coffee


In 2012’s “Shut Up and Play the Hits,” a chronicle of the last days of LCD Soundsystem, Chuck Klosterman asks frontman James Murphy what he plans to do next. His seemingly-quaint answer: “I really like making coffee.”

Turns out, he was serious. Working with Blue Bottle Coffee founder James Freeman, Murphy has developed a signature, single-origin espresso blend which he calls a “very neutral espresso with really intense elements,” a flavor profile guided by the differing ways in which he and his girlfriend enjoy their morning brew.

From Rolling Stone:

“I wake up and have a five-ounce double cappuccino – I make steamed milk and espresso – and she does a very short five-ounce Americano, which is just with water,” he says. “[The espresso] should go both ways, and it should be really good espresso. We’ve had difficulty with that. The stuff that she likes black doesn’t hold up to the milk sometimes, and the stuff that cuts the milk is too acrid on the palate in water.”

The blend is finished and will soon be available to the public.

[Via Rolling Stone]
[Photo: New Yorker]


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